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Stop wasting time scrolling through endless pages of statistics. Our widget-based user-designed layouts enable you to see just the stats you want.

Choose from hundreds of available widgets using our simple drag-and-drop layout builder. Layouts can be designed for Leagues, Teams and Fixtures.

QuickView Layouts provide ready access to stats via the sidebar.

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Create filters to find upcoming matches according to your chosen statistics and criteria. Save your filters for later single-click access.

Select stats from the hundreds available in our Stats Library.

Build filters across multiple dimensions including: league, location (playing home/away), match period (1H, 2H, FT) and no. of matches or season (last 5, 10, 20 matches, current and previous seasons).

Screenshot of the fixture finder provides a range of statistics to help you analyse football matches / soccer matches. Statistics include standings, recent form, goal times - scoring and conceding.
Upcoming matches can be filtered using our in-built fixture finder. Filters can be saved for easy re-use in the future.
Our layout designer enables you to design your own statistics page layouts for leagues, teams and matches using a wide range of in-built widgets so you access only the stats you need.