Terms and Conditions

We don't believe in having a massive page of terms and conditions that noboby reads. Here are some simple and common sense terms:

Tools, calculators and stats are used at your own risk. We can't take resposibility for how they are used or any losses incurred from their use.
Please do not share accounts. The site will not function correctly if you do so. Users identified as sharing passwords will have their accounts closed and blocked.
We do absolutely nothing with your data. It is not shared or used at all. Some basic data is collected by Google Analytics purely to ensure our servers are sized correctly, however we track the absolute minimum possible - this includes: user log-ins; from which country; which pages visited; and how long users stay on pages. Unique users cannot be identified with this data.
While we take security very seriously, and are constantly updating the site to keep it secure, we advise that you DO NOT STORE ANY CREDENTIALS for betting accounts in the site. Use a different password and ideally a different email for your signup to this site.
Subscriptions are currently handled on a monthly basis. If you you wish to cancel a subscription after signing up you will lose the first month only. The administrative cost of processing and refunding a monthly subscription would be greater than the monhtly subscription amount.
Be nice and enjoy